Prague Fringe Festival is over, och we wish to give a huge thanks to the people arranging the festival, all the fantastic volounters from all over the World, and off course all who came to see our 9 perfromances! Here comes some quotations from the Reviews we got down here 🙂

“a Heartfelt Performance”

“a solid show”

“a strange and enjoyable ride which strenuously rides the line between absurdly funny and emotionally devastating.”

“will certainly hold one’s attention from beginning to end.”

“beautiful, persistent piano work”

“You may have a grin spread across your face or your heart may sink, and more than likely, you’ll have no clue why.”

“showed the flexibility within the acting and sent the audience through a vast Array of emotions”

“The lead performer had the audience in the palm of his hand. He would take them from laughter to sadness in a matter of seconds. Both his delivery of the dialogue and his physical comedy were superb. He had greater banter and interaction with the audience.”

“The show is a delight.”

“a tour-de-force performance”

“the very funny and skilled Rupesh Tillu .. A gifted clown, with a broad expansive face and expressive eyes (and a terrific high kick), Tillu assuredly involves the audience in a way that always puts them at ease, making them feel comfortable enough to actively engage with the action.”

“Wryly directed”

****1/2 out of 5

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